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Welcome to the website celebrating the Art and Life of Artist Julian Ritter. My name is Greg Autry. I was a friend and a patron of Julian's, as well as a collector of his work. I met Julian around 1982, when he lived in Summerland, California, with Laurie Kokx. I loved Julian and miss him dearly.


This website is revised, and now in its second incarnation. It is an ongoing project, dedicated to promoting Julian as one of the true Masters of the Twentieth Century, and also delving into Julian the man, Julian, the enigma.


There are paintings by Julian For Sale, as well as available to film and television productions (with approval of the artist's estate).



Julian is an inextricable part of my soul. I Loved Him. I miss him.  I want to honor Julian as the Great Great Artist he was. Art is about baring your Soul to the world and expressing your Feelings about Mankind and our existence here on Earth. Art is about creating work that compel the viewers to feel and think about our humanity. Julian Lived that. He Did that. He was compelled to make Art. ~  Greg Autry





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There are excerpts here, as well as full chapters, and photographs. These are from the upcoming book I'm writing about Julian's Life, and Art. These are stories from my time with Julian, as well as from the research I've done, to write the book. There are also stories as related to me by many friends and patron's of Julian.


Here you will find photos of Julian's Paintings. My collection, from the Silver Slipper, as well as other prominent collections and pieces.
Note - I am considering adding photos of other individual collector's paintings by Julian. Please contact Greg Autry if you are interested.


From those who knew and loved Julian.


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