Welcome to the Julian Ritter Website, hosted by Greg Autry, and celebrating the Life and Art of Julian Ritter (1909 - 2000.) I was a friend and Patron of Julian's, as well as a Collector. I own a substantial collection of his best paintings, including those I purchased from Julian, commissioned him to paint, and purchased from the Howard Hughes estate, now known as the `Silver Slipper Collection.'

I do APPRAISALS, SALES, AUTHENTICATIONS, and CONSULTATIONS. I am also in the process of writing a book about `THE LIFE and ART of JULIAN RITTER,' which is on the second draft, at about 800 pages and 34 chapters.

Please click on the appropriate links to find out more about Appraisal and others services, as well as a `goFundme' Campaign, regarding `The Book,' which is now in the final stages. If you wish to contribute to the campaign I welcome your support. I believe Julian's story, and his art, deserve to be in the conversation about great art.



I encourage your comments, shares on social media, and welcome your participation and interest in Julian and his work. If you are interested in participating on an interim and intern basic. I welcome people with skills in social media, blogs, graphic design, computer skills, and writers.


  Julian Ritter


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About Julian

A brief Biography about Julian with highlights throughout his life.


There are excerpts here, as well as full chapters, and photographs. These are from the upcoming book I'm writing about Julian's Life, and Art. These are stories from my time with Julian, as well as from the research I've done, to write the book. There are also stories as related to me by many friends and patron's of Julian.


Stories told in Chapter form, relate many memories of my time with Julian, and tell many of the stories which are the basis for Chapters in the upcoming book, `The Life and Art of Julian Ritter.'


Here you will find photographs of Julian's paintings which are FOR SALE (unless otherwise noted *NFS) including; my personal collections, the Bimbo's Collection, and others from Private Collections and Appraisals. 


From those who knew and loved Julian.


If you are interested in purchasing a painting, or have a Julian painting you would  like to sell, click this Tab for more information..


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